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Equanimity Capital - IPO

Equanimity Capital aspires to be the alternative funding platform of choice and a leading source of venture financing and structured incubation in medium and high-risk investment portfolios for entrepreneurs in Africa and internationally. When Equanimity Capital was formed in South Africa it was with the vision of building a comprehensive investment portfolio comprising of "capital mechanism" savvy companies that have the potential for IPOs locally and-internationally. We view an IPO as a transformational process and not just an event. We aim to support entrepreneurs at every stage of their company’s growth by partnering with portfolio companies and adopting a structured approach to positioning, capital raising and early monetisation of value created through a successful IPO.

Equanimity Capital recognises that one of the key challenges faced by most companies, particularly in medium and high-risk enterprises, is access to capital. We aim to leverage our extensive global network of venture capital and private Equity firms to partner with high-quality investors who believe in our-portfolio companies’ long-term vision. Financing through Equity issuances will ensure that our portfolio companies attract long-term investors whose interests are aligned to maximize valuations of the companies and subsEquent value creation for all stakeholders.

Our vision of the IPO road-map involves the following stages:

  1. Stage 1 - Preparing for the IPO journey:
  2. Assisting the company in coming up with an IPO timeline and roadmap in a market that best fits the rEquirements and strategy of the company
  3. Formalising corporate structures and management teams
  4. Developing a platform for measured business expansion and production diversification
  5. Raising follow on Equity funding from private capital markets based on public valuation
  1. Stage 2 – Pre-IPO
  2. Establishing formal corporate governance processes
  3. Building financial processes and infrastructure
  4. Identifying and making strategic investments to protect and maintain market share
  5. Simplifying capital structure and elimination of debt
  6. Raising follow on Equity funding from private capital markets based on public valuation
  1. Stage 3 – IPO – Public Listing
  2. Maximise value creation for all stakeholders



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